How to Choose the Right Roof Rack for Your Subaru Impreza -:Complete Guide

Are you looking for a roof rack for your Subaru Impreza? You’re on the right track! Choosing the correct roof rack is important to ensure your car is safe, secure and comfortable.

In this article, we provide an essential guide with everything you need to know to find the perfect roof rack for your Subaru Impreza.

Choosing the right roof rack for your Subaru Impreza is an important decision and one that should not be taken lightly. With so many varieties to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which one will best meet your needs.

We’ve created this comprehensive guide to help make the process easier. In this guide we’ll discuss the different types of roof racks available, what factors should be taken into account when selecting a specific rack, and tips on how to keep it secure and in good condition over time.

By following this guide, you will be able to make an educated decision about which roof rack is right for you and your vehicle.

Explanation of why a roof rack is important for Subaru Impreza

Roof racks are an important accessory for Subaru Imprezas because they enable the vehicle owner to transport bulky items with ease and convenience. Roof racks also help protect car interiors from dirt and grime, since cargo can be loaded onto the rack instead of in the vehicle.

Roof racks have also been found to improve gas mileage, as wind resistance is reduced, as well as provide additional safety, since cars can be loaded without having to clamber into cramped compartments or compromise visibility. Further, selecting the right roof rack will ensure a secure fit and optimize aerodynamics while preventing damage to both vehicle and cargo.

Importance of choosing the right roof rack

When it comes to choosing the right roof rack for your Subaru Impreza, there are many factors to consider in order to make sure you’re getting the most out of your purchase. A correctly fitted roof rack can dramatically increase your vehicle’s storage capacity and the ability to take more gear with you when travelling. It is important to ensure that the roof rack chosen is strong enough to support any items loaded onto it and durable enough to cope with whatever type of terrain you may face throughout your journey.

In addition, a good quality, properly fitted roof rack will also help in preventing any damage from occurring to the top of your vehicle’s rooftop. Roof racks for Subarus are designed specifically for its models so as not to interfere with any other parts or components on the car. Some racks can also be customized depending on size and weight of items being loaded, making them much easier and safer when transporting heavier loads such as cycle carriers or kayak holders.

Furthermore, those purchasing a Subaru Impreza will have an extensive range of styles and materials available when buying a new roof rack, helping choose one which best suits their individual needs and budget. By taking into account all these aspects beforehand, one can be certain that they are getting a product which offers both peace of mind and great value for money.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Roof Rack for Subaru Impreza

When choosing the best roof rack for your Subaru Impreza, there are a few essential factors that must be taken into consideration. These include vehicle compatibility, ease of installation and usability features. Taking these considerations into account can help you make an informed decision on the best roof rack for your Subaru Impreza.

Vehicle Compatibility – A roof rack is designed to fit certain vehicles, so it is important to identify which racks are compatible with your vehicle before making a purchase. Subaru Impreza cars generally have three-doors or five-door frames, so be sure to check the specifications of the rack you are considering to make sure it fits your car properly.

Installation – We recommend buying a roof rack that is easy to install and can be installed without expertise or special tools such as air compressors and jacks. Additionally, some models come with pre-drilled holes that allow you to secure it to the top of your vehicle in just minutes using basic hand tools.

Usability Features – The last factor when selecting a roof rack for your Subaru Impreza is usability features such as an aerodynamic design and adjustable feet for different types of terrain or climates. Additionally, many racks come with additional accessories such as cargo boxes and bike mounts so you have more options for attaching items on top of the car.

Weight Capacity

When selecting a roof rack for your Subaru Impreza, it is important to consider the weight capacity of the rack. Most roof racks are designed to carry a maximum load ranging from 100–200 pounds. The cargo capacity of different racks can vary greatly and should be factored into your decision when selecting a roof rack for your car. It is also important to note that some states have weight restrictions in place that may further limit what type of roof rack you can install.

The weight capacity of any given roof rack will depend on its design and construction, including the materials used to build it and the strength of its mounting points. Aluminum construction is typically strong and lightweight, while steel models are heavier but offer more strength. The brand or model you select should not only meet the intended carrying requirements but should also be designed to mount securely to your car’s body without causing any damage or stress on its components.

When shopping for a new roof rack, be sure to ask questions about its carrying capacity and how it attaches to your car so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing one for your Subaru Impreza.

Roof Type

When it comes to selecting the right roof rack, it is important to consider the type of roof on your Subaru Impreza. Depending on the shape and material of your rooftop, there are various types of racks available.

Flat Roof: If your Impreza has a flat roof, you may be able to use a universal or flush mount roof level rack. This type of rack uses clamps that hold onto the side rails or gutter and don’t require a separate crossbar support.

Bar Type Roof: If your Impreza has a bar-type roof (cross bars already installed), you may be able to use factory-specific cargo carriers that mount directly onto the existing bars for secure mounting solution with no extra parts needed. Examples include Thule SquareBar roof racks and Yakima HD Bar roof carriers.

Raised Sides: Many models of the Subaru Impreza have raised sides along the top of their roofs, making them suitable for rooftop boxes and bags made specifically for these vehicles without needing an additional attachment system or adapters. Examples include Thule Pack n Cargo and SportRack Skyline XL boxes which both attach simply with built-in straps.

Compatibility with Subaru Impreza

When selecting a roof rack for your Subaru Impreza, it’s important to check that the rack is designed specifically for your vehicle. Roof racks that are designed to be compatible with the Impresa are usually adjustable so they can fit with different body styles and different model years. When checking compatibility, you might need to reference the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) number found on the Subaru parts diagram, usually located in the glove box or under the seat.

Before buying your roof rack, be sure to double-check online reviews and customer reports to ensure that the product is well designed and suitable for your needs. The popularity of Subaru vehicles means there are plenty of options available on the market. A variety of brands make roof racks specifically for Subaru models like Thule, Yakima, Rhino-Rack, and XPLOR. Be sure to compare features before making a final decision – things like capacity, design materials, security features and price can all have an impact on which roof rack you choose!


Aerodynamics is an important factor to consider when choosing a roof rack. A well-aerodynamically designed roof rack will help reduce drag and wind noise, so you can enjoy your drive in peace and comfort.

You should also make sure that your new roofrack has been tested for air resistance in a wind tunnel since this will affect the handling of your car.

When evaluating aerodynamics, one of the most important components is the clamping system used to attach the roof racks to the car. Look for a system that’s been tested and certified for use on the Impreza, as this indicates that it’s strong enough to handle any wind resistance without compromising safety. Additionally, look for racks with adjustable mounting points that can be adjusted to fit different crossbars. This ensures optimal strength and stability while still allowing you to install other gear like bicycle racks or ski/snowboard carriers without any additional modifications.

Steps to Install a Roof Rack on Subaru Impreza

Installing a Roof Rack on your Subaru Impreza is an excellent way to add extra storage space for items such as camping gear, luggage, and sports equipment. The following instructions will walk you through the process of installing a universal roof rack, which is designed to fit any make and model of Subaru Impreza.

Before you begin installing the roof rack, it is important that you have all the necessary tools and supplies available. You will need a screwdriver or power drill, a measuring tape or ruler, mounting brackets and hardware (if the rack includes them), and of course the roof rack itself. Make sure that all parts are included in the kit before attempting to install it.

Once you have gathered all the materials you will need for installation, follow these steps to install your roof rack:

  1. Measure two door frames on either side of your Subaru Impreza using a measuring tape or ruler – this measurement indicates where you will be placing your brackets for mounting.
  2. Mark each door frame with a pencil at the appropriate measurements according to your measured door frames from step one.
  3. Place one bracket onto each door frame at the designated marks from step two; then secure the brackets with screws or bolts accordingly according to the instructions in your roof rack kit.
  4. Place both ends of your roof rack onto their respective brackets – be sure that they fit properly together before tightening them down onto their respective brackets securely with screws or bolts according to instructions provided in kit before proceeding further with installation process! (It is always best practice also check that all components are secure before moving forward.)
  5. Finally, once both sides are securely placed onto their respective brackets – use provided straps to attach both sections together firmly., ensuring once again that everything is secure before driving away!


When preparing for your roof rack purchase, it is important to consider what you are looking for in terms of a roof rack. The type of roof rack needed will depend on the weight and size of the items you need to transport and the shape and size of your Subaru Impreza. It is important to ensure that the roof rack you choose will fit securely in place, as well as be able to handle any type of terrain or weather conditions that may occur while driving.

Before purchasing a roof rack, make sure that it has been specifically designed for the Subaru Impreza model you own. Not all models are compatible with every kind of rooftop accessory, so make sure to double-check compatibility before making any final decisions. Additionally, with many types of racks available—such as those that hold cargo boxes, kayaks and snow skis— examine what options are available in terms of each and decide which one meets your needs best.

Installation of Roof Rack

Installing a roof rack on a Subaru Impreza requires the use of specialized mounting brackets that are designed to fit the vehicle’s shape, size and form. For added security and stability, it is important that these brackets be installed properly on the car so they do not loosen over time or become detached in any way. Depending on the type of rack you purchase (fixed to permanent, or removable), the installation will differ slightly in terms of bracket configuration and number of mounting bolts needed.

For fixed racks, there will usually be four brackets positioned along two sides of the roof— two at the front and two at the rear. These must be placed at even distances across each side, with matching holes so that all four can be securely attached to the roof of your Subaru Impreza. Make sure to select appropriate length bolts based on your specific model’s hole measurements before installing. Use appropriate spacers between roof panels if necessary for adding clearance and wiggle room when installing brackets.

For removable racks, you may require up to three mounting points— one at each side and one in-between these two points for added support. The same general principles around securing brackets with bolts also apply to removable racks; however, some may also feature adjustable clamps that allow you to quickly attach/detach your racks without having to unscrew them each time they’re removed from your vehicle! Once all pieces are securely affixed onto your Subaru Impreza’s roof panel(s), make sure all locks are engaged before fishing any cargo load from it.


In conclusion, choosing the right roof rack for a Subaru Impreza is an important decision that should be taken with careful consideration. The purpose and size of the rack should be analyzed in order to pick the proper solution. Most importantly, all applicable rules and regulations should be properly researched beforehand to ensure full compliance with local laws.

With the right knowledge, any Subaru driver will be able to outfit their car with the perfect roof rack at the best price.


How do I know what roof rack will fit my car?

You can check the manufacturer’s website or consult with a professional installer to determine what type of roof rack is compatible with your car’s make and model.

Can I put a roof rack on my Subaru Impreza?

Yes, you can install a roof rack on a Subaru Impreza. There are many options available that are designed to fit this vehicle.

How much weight can a Subaru Impreza roof rack carry?

The weight capacity of a Subaru Impreza roof rack varies depending on the specific model and the weight distribution of the load. Generally, it can carry up to 150 pounds.

Are roof racks vehicle specific?

Yes, roof racks are typically designed to fit specific makes and models of vehicles.

What is the difference between roof rails and roof racks?

Roof rails are a permanent fixture on the roof of a vehicle, while roof racks are removable and designed to hold cargo. Roof rails provide a base for roof racks to attach to.

Does roof rack affect sunroof?

It depends on the type of roof rack and the vehicle’s sunroof design. Some roof racks may obstruct or limit the use of the sunroof.

How strong are Subaru roof racks?

Subaru roof racks are designed to be strong and durable, with the ability to carry heavy loads while driving.

Can I install Subaru crossbars myself?

It is possible to install Subaru crossbars yourself, but it’s recommended to have them installed by a professional to ensure proper fit and safety.

Does roof rack affect driving?

Roof racks can affect driving by increasing wind resistance and altering the vehicle’s center of gravity, which may affect handling and stability.

Are roof racks universal fit?

No, roof racks are not universal fit. They are designed to fit specific makes and models of vehicles.

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