Best ski roof rack 2023

Are you ready to hit the slopes this ski season with the best gear available? Skiing can be an incredibly fun hobby but also one that requires a lot of planning. To ensure you have the best possible experience, it’s important to invest in a quality ski roof rack. We’ve created this guide to help you find the perfect rack for your needs!

Best ski roof rack 2023

  1. DRSPORTS roof Racks (Editor’s Pick)
  2. GPT RACK Ski Roof Rack (Best Overall)
  3. YAKIMA Ski Roof Racks (Budget Friendly)
  4. Tyger TG-RK1B707B roof rack
  5. INNO INA952 roof rack
  6. AA Products Roof Racks
  7. HandiRack Roof Rack

1) DRSPORTS roof Racks

Best ski roof rack

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The unique one-button design simplifies installation and removal. This function keeps your gear secure on the road. Each roof rack set has two arms for ample storage. DRSPORTS roof racks are robust and easy to use, making them ideal for car storage.

Showcasing DRSPORTS Brand Excellence

DRSPORTS, known for its high-quality automobile accessories, makes roof racks that improve your car’s appearance and functionality. These racks, finished in silver, add refinement to any car. These roof racks are made of durable materials like stainless steel and aluminium, making them a reliable storage choice.

Perfect Fit Custom Dimensions

DRSPORTS roof racks’ 33 x 2.25 x 4.25-inch measurements are exceptional. This fits seamlessly onto your vehicle and provides ample storage without obscuring your view or causing any difficulty. These racks are lightweight (8.18 pounds), making installation and handling easy.

Quick and Easy Installation

Installing DRSPORTS roof racks takes 15 minutes and is simple. This frees up time for adventures rather than complicated installs. The roof racks are designed for cars to fit a variety of vehicles. They may be easily placed on roof racks, rails, or cross bars for versatility.

Made by Aplusgoods: Quality Guaranteed

DRSPORTS roof racks, made by industry leader Aplusgoods, are carefully built for durability and stability. These racks can withstand various weather conditions and provide reliable storage due to their sturdy construction and classic style. The DRSPORTS product’s CBL-33 component number ensures authenticity and meets the brand’s high standards.

Ultimate Conclude

In conclusion, DRSPORTS roof racks are the best blend of reliability and style, increasing your vehicle’s storage capacity seamlessly. Their elegant silver colour, sturdy materials, ideal size, and easy installation make them a useful storage solution. DRSPORTS roof racks are the best alternative for car owners who value functionality and style, made by Aplusgoods, a reputable brand.

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DRSPORTS roof Racks First Hand Review Video

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  1. Quick and easy installation within 15 minutes.
  2. Lightweight design at 8.18 pounds for easy handling.
  3. Compatible with various vehicle types, specifically for cars.
  4. Sturdy construction and durability to withstand different weather conditions.
  5. Genuine DRSPORTS product with manufacturer part number CBL-33, ensuring high-quality standards.



Item Dimensions LxWxH 33 x 2.25 x 4.25 inches
Item Weight 8.18 Pounds
Folding No
Mounting Type Roof Rack,Rails,Cross Bars


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2) GPT RACK Ski Roof Rack

Best ski roof rack

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The GPT RACK Ski Roof Rack lasts for seasons due to rust-resistant rails. Strong and well-made, the rack is excellent for any vehicle. The system customises to fit one or more skis. Thus, the GPT RACK Ski Roof Rack is excellent for winter fun.

Improve Your Skiing with GPT RACK

Leading automotive accessory provider GPT RACK sells the Ski Roof Rack in silver. This roof rack improves skiing and car style. This durable outdoor rack is comprised of aluminium, stainless steel, and rubber. Its 33.2 x 2.1 x 3.9-inch proportions underscore the importance of checking your vehicle’s specs for a correct fit.

Capacity and Lightweight Mobility

Its large size makes the GPT RACK Ski Roof Rack suitable for skis and winter sports gear. This 10.63-pound roof rack is sturdy and lightweight. Simple installation on your passenger car or SUV with its universal installation function. Choose roof, rail, or crossbar installation to stylishly mount this versatile rack on your vehicle’s rooftop.

Innovative Safety Design

Ski Roof Racks from GPT RACK stress safety. The big button makes it easy and safe to fasten your skis for transit. This innovative solution reassures skiers that their gear is securely linked to their car. GPT RACK Ski Roof Rack increases transportation safety, decreasing damage and loss.

Multifunctionality Meets Reliability

GPT RACK Ski Roof Rack’s durability and craftsmanship make it a trustworthy friend in many weather conditions. The CBL-33 part number shows GPT’s dedication to quality. This emblem identifies a GPT RACK product that fulfils their high standards. This roof rack holds snowboards, fishing rods, and other winter sports gear, making it useful for outdoor activities.

Finally, the GPT RACK Ski Roof Rack enhances winter adventure. This roof rack’s strong design, durability, and safety evoke exhilarating skiing. The elegant and functional GPT RACK Ski Roof Rack protects your possessions while travelling in snowy areas.

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  1. Large capacity for storing multiple pairs of skis.
  2. Lightweight yet sturdy design with a weight of 10.63 pounds.
  3. Universal installation options, including roof mount, rails, or crossbar mount.
  4. Big button for easy and secure fastening of skis.
  5. High-quality construction and durability for reliable performance in various weather conditions.



Color Silver
Vehicle Service Type Passenger Car, SUV
Material Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Rubber
Item Dimensions LxWxH 33.2 x 2.1 x 3.9 inches


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3) YAKIMA Ski Roof Racks

Best ski roof rack

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The right gear may enhance winter vacations. Yakima arrives. High-quality Yakima ski and snowboard mounts enhance your experience. We’ll explain why Yakima ski and snowboard mounts are perfect for gear hauling by discussing their key features and benefits.

Maximum Convenience with Universal Mounting

Universal mounting makes Yakima ski and snowboard mounts popular. This solution fits round, square, factory, and aerodynamic roof racks. Yakima ski and snowboard mounts fit any roof rack. These mounts are perfect for multi-car households and group excursions because they fit multiple cars.

Protect Your Gear Easily

Transporting pricey ski and snowboard gear demands security. Yakima mounts have SKS locking to address this issue. Locks make pit stops and afterparties safer. Yakima mounts secure gear to vehicles.

Easy loading/unloading

Users may easily attach skis and snowboards in Yakima. Large one-push button makes rack opening and shutting easy with gloves. The user-friendly design allows you quickly load and unload your gear, so you can spend more time skiing and less time fussing.

Allow Multiple Skis/Snowboards

For family or buddy skiing, Yakima ski and snowboard mounts retain stuff. These mounts hold four skis, including 120 mm tips, or two snowboards. Yakima allows you bring your gear, so everyone can ski or snowboard.

Installation without tools for easy excursions

If you’re eager to ski, installing and removing ski and snowboard attachments can be tricky. Yakima tool-free clamps solve this. This breakthrough design allows tool-free mount installation and removal. Time and car space are saved, making your ski vacation more enjoyable.

Durable Aluminium Construction

Aluminium makes Yakima ski/snowboard mounts strong. Your mounts will survive harsh winter conditions since aluminium is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. The Yakima you buy will last many ski seasons.

Lastly, Yakima ski and snowboard mounts improve skiing and snowboarding best. Winter sports fans need Yakima mounts for its universal mounting mechanism, excellent security, user-friendliness, enough capacity, and durability. The quality and simplicity of Yakima gear carrying improve ski trips.

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  1. Impressive load capacity of up to 4 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards.
  2. Lightweight yet sturdy design with a weight of 7 pounds.
  3. Universal mounting system for easy installation on most roof types.
  4. Anti-theft features for added security and peace of mind.
  5. Easy open design and tool-free installation for convenience and efficiency.



Color 4-Skis
Vehicle Service Type Car
Material Aluminum
Item Dimensions LxWxH 26 x 6.1 x 4.75 inches


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4)Tyger TG-RK1B707B roof rack


Best ski roof rack

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The Tyger TG-RK1B707B roof rack prioritizes durability. This rack offers durability and many experiences due to its durable components. The attached straps, carefully engineered to secure the load, make it the best option for hauling large items. Its sleek black finish adds refinement and seamlessly matches any car, giving you a polished and professional look. Overall, the Tyger TG-RK1B707B roof rack hits the right balance between durability and convenience, making it the top choice for vehicle storage expansion.

Improve Your Outdoor Experience with the Tyger TG-RK1B707B Roof Rack

The Tyger TG-RK1B707B Roof Rack is the best for outside car storage. This roof rack from Tyger Auto can easily hold your gear and convey it in style. This accessory is stylish and functional thanks to its sleek black color and sturdy alloy steel construction. Before buying, check the package dimensions—32 x 16.5 x 8 inches—to ensure a perfect fit for your vehicle.

Innovative Design: Folding for Unmatched Versatility

The Tyger TG-RK1B707B Roof Rack’s clever folding design enhances its versatility. This form makes the rack ideal for tight parking areas and off-season storage. This roof rack allows you to mount it on your vehicle using roof, strap, or hitch mounts.

Security Redefined: Safeguarding Your Items

The well built TG-RK1B707B Roof Rack reflects Tyger Auto’s security focus. Its flexible design keeps your valuables protected throughout transport. This roof rack has family-friendly features that protect your gear for everyone in your family. The Tyger TG-RK1B707B Roof Rack is more than an accessory—it’s a promise of security.

In conclusion, the Tyger TG-RK1B707B Roof Rack transcends ordinary to amazing. It symbolizes high quality with its timeless longevity and elegant, utilitarian design. Elevate your experiences, embrace convenience, and redefine security with the Tyger TG-RK1B707B Roof Rack.

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  1. Folding design for easy storage when not in use.
  2. Multiple mounting options for versatility in installation.
  3. Fully adjustable design for secure transportation of your gear.
  4. Family-friendly features for added safety and peace of mind.
  5. Durable alloy steel material for long-lasting performance.



Color Black
Material Alloy Steel
Brand Tyger Auto
Folding Yes


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5)INNO INA952 roof rack

Best ski roof rack

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The INNO INA952 roof rack’s roof-mount design is its best feature. No more complicated installs. This roof rack secures valuables with its simple setup. The ingenious cushions prevent scratches and damage. These cushions safeguard your things. This rack safeguards skis, snowboards, and other fragile items.

Customized: Adjustability and

The INNO INA952 roof rack doesn’t mind family or group trips. It can hold 4 skis or 2 snowboards, making it adaptable. The rack secures gear on curved routes and in severe weather. Round cross-bars constructed of durable materials make the rack weatherproof.

The Best Gear Transport Reliability

Picture yourself excitedly heading to the slopes. Last thing you need is garment safety worries. The INNO INA952 roof rack impresses. A snug fit and durable construction make it the perfect gear hauling alternative. Each travel will remind you of your great choice as the rack and gear remain intact.

Redefining Seamlessness: Experience fits easily

Who wants hours of installation hassle? Not you. The INNO INA952 roof rack is simple to install. This rack simplifies transporting and reduces frustration. The simple installation gets you on the road immediately, regardless of experience.

Upgrade Your Adventures with INNO INA952 Roof Rack

Winter and the slopes require the INNO INA952 Roof Rack, your reliable partner. This INNO roof rack enhances living, not just tools. Built for outdoor lovers, it knows your needs. The sleek black hue adds beauty, while the sturdy blend material provides usefulness.

A Perfect Fit: Size Matters for Comfort

Dimensions matter before jumping. The INNO INA952 Roof Rack is 10 x 24 x 6 and 28.7 x 11.9 x 7.5 inches. Fitting your car appropriately ensures a smooth ride. Avoid skipping this step for a seamless adventure.

Innovation Meets Security

INNO INA952 Roof Rack features are amazing. Its strong design and hinge and lock system safeguard your gear. The motorway and curving pathways are safe for skis and snowboards. Every mile provides peace of mind, focusing on the adventure ahead. Roof rack theft is prevented by lock and keys.

Quick and Easy Installation

Known convenience rules. The INNO INA952 Roof Rack is simple to install. It fits effortlessly on your car’s roof or crossbars and is ready to go. Despite not folding, its small size ensures it won’t take up car space when attached. This roof rack prioritizes comfort.

Finally, the INNO INA952 Roof Rack revolutionizes gear transfer. From easy installation to durability, this roof rack is made for you. Increase your winter adventures with a secure, convenient, and reliable partner. INNO INA952 Roof Rack allows you have outdoor excursions and make memories.

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INNO INA952 roof rack First Hand Review Video

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  1. Holds up to 3 skis or 2 snowboards for ample storage capacity.
  2. Most reliable hinge and lock system for enhanced safety.
  3. Includes lock and keys for added security.
  4. User-friendly installation process for convenience.
  5. Durable blend material for long-lasting performance.



Color Black
Material Blend
Brand INNO
Item Dimensions LxWxH 10 x 24 x 6 inches
Is Foldable No


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6) AA Products Roof Racks

Best ski roof rack

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The roof-mount style of AA Products Roof Racks simplifies installation. These racks are simple, therefore no complicated setups. Once attached, they offer unsurpassed ski, snowboard, and gear security. Not worry about theft and weather damage.

Maximum family adventure

AA Products Roof Racks are great for families and small groups due of their capacity. Cross rods can hold two pairs of skis, making them perfect for family excursions. This makes packing for an exciting adventure easy. The one-button release method enables loading and unloading equipment easy in cold weather without gloves.

Flexible Design

Universal AA Products Roof Racks fit all automobiles. This rack fits any car, SUV, or crossover. Universal compatibility makes AA Products Roof Racks’ superior protection available to everyone. Your expensive skis and gear will be protected on vacation.

Durability Redefined

Skiers and snowboarders require a sturdy roof rack. AA Products Roof Racks are built to move objects securely. Aluminum, stainless steel, and rubber make these racks durable. Before buying, check the 34 x 8 x 5.8-inch dimensions to guarantee a good fit for your car.

Superior Protection and Innovative Capacity

The capacity of AA Products Roof Racks is outstanding. Ultra-one technology holds 6 skis or 4 snowboards in these racks. This ingenious design prevents movement and damage to your valuables during travel. These adaptable roof racks fit vehicles with roof mounts, rails, or crossbars.

Stability and Durability

Durability and stability are unequaled by AA Products Roof Racks. They function well year after year in harsh weather and terrain because to their durability. These sturdy racks are aluminum and stainless steel. Roof Racks from AA Products transfer equipment safely, unlike foldable options.

In conclusion, AA Products Roof Racks offer the highest ski and snowboard transport security, capacity, and durability. These roof racks are perfect for outdoor experiences due to their user-friendliness, universal compatibility, and innovative features. AA Products Roof Racks simplify gear transport for convenient exploration.

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AA Products Roof RacksFirst Hand Review Video

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  1. Impressive capacity to hold up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards with ultra-one technology.
  2. Versatile compatibility with various vehicle service types, including cars with roof mounts, rails, or crossbars.
  3. Durable construction using high-quality materials, such as aluminum and stainless steel.
  4. Stable and sturdy design that can withstand harsh weather conditions and rough terrain.
  5. Easy to install and use for convenient transportation of your skis and snowboards.



Color Large (6 Pr/4 Boards)
Vehicle Service Type Car
Material Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Rubber
Brand AA Products Inc.
Folding No

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7) HandiRack Roof Rack

Best ski roof rack

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Stop worrying about scratches and damage. Air-filled straps protecting your important stuff from your vehicle’s roof in the HandiRack Roof Rack. This invention greatly decreases the chance of unpleasant markings and protects your belongings.

Easy Installation: Video Instructions

Don’t worry if you’re new to roof rack installation. The HandiRack Roof Rack includes detailed video instructions. These step-by-step guidelines simplify installation for veterans and beginners. You may quickly and easily prepare your HandiRack Roof Rack with these user-friendly materials.

Outdoor Lover’s Haven

Outdoor enthusiasts who like kayaking, camping, and other thrilling activities need a reliable roof rack. The new HandiRack Roof Rack simplifies transportation. The sleek, black roof rack made of superior nylon can withstand even the roughest conditions.

Precision Matters: Size and Load

Before buying, note the item’s dimensions: 14.6 x 7.4 x 5.7 inches. This rigorous attention to detail assures a flawless fit for your vehicle, reducing compatibility difficulties. The Heavyweight Champion HandiRack Roof Rack can hold up to 175 pounds of equipment. This robustness makes it great for kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, camping gear, and more.

Easy Use with Foldable Function

The cleverly collapsible HandiRack Roof Rack maximizes convenience. It folds easily when not in use, saving storage space. When your excursions are on hold, this feature makes storage easy for travelers and individuals with limited storage.

Stability Redefined: Secure Attachment

A strap-based mounting method secures the HandiRack Roof Rack to your vehicle. This solid connection protects your gear throughout transport, giving you piece of mind on your next adventure.

Customized for Your Expedition

The HandiRack Roof Rack’s simple design makes installation quick and easy. The HandiRack Roof Rack fits a variety of cars and SUVs, demonstrating its adaptability. This roof rack is ready to use right out of the box, saving you time and effort.

Lightweight and Strong: Inflatable Ingenuity

The HandiRack Roof Rack’s inflatable design shows its creativity. A lightweight profile for easy handling doesn’t compromise strength and endurance. This superb balance keeps your gear safe on your travels.

The HandiRack Roof Rack revolutionizes gear transportation. Air-filled straps and high load capacity raise your hauling experience to new heights. With its dedication to durability, convenience, and protection, the HandiRack Roof Rack is the finest choice for adventurers.

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HandiRack Roof Rack First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Kendal Auto


  1. Impressive load capacity of up to 175 pounds for hauling all your gear.
  2. Foldable design for easy storage and convenience.
  3. Quick and easy installation process for hassle-free setup.
  4. Versatile fitment for a wide range of cars and SUVs.
  5. Inflatable design for lightweight handling and ready-to-use convenience.



Color Black
Material Nylon
Brand HandiRack
Item Dimensions LxWxH 14.6 x 7.4 x 5.7 inches
Item Weight 5.75 Pounds


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Best ski roof rack 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Are you an avid ski enthusiast looking for the best ski roof rack for your vehicle in 2023? With a variety of available options on the market today, finding the ideal ski rack can be a daunting task. This guide will help you select the most suitable product that meets your requirements, budget and car model.

Here, you will learn about different types of ski racks to choose from, factors to consider while making your selection and essential maintenance tips to get maximum lifespan out of your chosen product. Read on to make an informed decision while purchasing a reliable ski rack in 2023!

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Factors to consider when buying a ski roof rack

When selecting a ski roof rack for your vehicle, there are several important factors to consider. It is important to know the shape and size of the skis you want to move, as well as what type of vehicle you plan to use. Below are some of the key considerations when it comes to purchasing a ski roof rack.

  • Weight Capacity: The weight capacity is an important factor when deciding which ski roof rack will be most suitable for your needs. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s weight capacity and ensure that it can accommodate the combined weight of your skis and any additional gear. If possible, choose a rack that offers more weight capacity than what you currently need; this will provide more flexibility in case you decide to upgrade your skis in future years.
  • Vehicle Compatibility: Make sure that any ski roof rack that you purchase is compatible with your specific make and model of vehicle. Different makes and models may require different mounting points, so it is important that all necessary holes or slots line up correctly on the bottom of your vehicle before purchase.
  • Storage Expectations: Consider how much storage space might be needed for additional gear such as helmets or gloves if they aren’t being worn while skiing. Having ample space means that users won’t need to separate their skis from other pieces of equipment; instead, everything can all be securely stored on top of the car at once, saving time spent unloading items before and after every trip down the slopes.
  • Installation: Before making a purchase, it is essential to determine whether installation will require professional help or if regular consumers will be able to do so themselves. If professional installation looks like a better option than attempting DIY processes, then budget should also include those extra costs during budget allocation phase accordingly.

Vehicle compatibility

When you’re shopping for a ski roof rack, it’s important to make sure that the one you choose is compatible with the make and model of your vehicle. The roof rails and tracks that are installed on your car or truck must match up to the rack. In some cases, if you have raised side rails, there may be an adapter available. Make sure that the rack you select will work with whatever size and type of vehicle you have before you buy it!

If your vehicle has flush rails and fixed points, then a universal bar rack system or foot pack may be a great option for loading your skis on top of your vehicle. You should check out all of the foot packs available online to get the perfect snowboard-to-vehicle fit. Be sure to check out any available compatibility charts that come with product information as well so that you can choose one that fits correctly.

Number of skis or snowboards to carry

When it comes to roof racks, the number of skis or snowboards that you can carry depends on the size and type of rack you choose. In most cases, these racks are designed to hold up to four pairs of skis or snowboards with the use of either telescoping crossbars or traditional load bars.

Additionally, you can add additional accessories such as ski holders or binding carriers that attach directly to the crossbars. Depending on the static load weight allowed by your vehicle’s roof, you may need a rooftop basket accessory in order to increase your carrying capacity. A little research will help ensure that you get a rack that meets all your needs.

Ease of use and installation

When shopping for a ski roof rack, many buyers place significant emphasis on the ease of use and installation. After all, the last thing you want when hitting the slopes is to be fumbling around in frustration trying to secure your gear. Before purchasing a ski roof rack, be sure that it is designed with ease of installation and use as a priority.

Look for ski racks with secure fit slots that make mounting easy so that you can securely mount your gear without any tools or tools. Additionally, look for a roof rack system capable of fitting most car roof types, as well as one with adjustable padding for secure attachment and protection when in transit. Finally, ensure that you find height-adjustability features so that the ski roofrack accommodates skis of any size from short to ultra-long skis.

Durability and security features

When deciding which ski roof rack to buy, there are a few key features you should take into consideration. Durability and security features are paramount when choosing a roof rack.

  • You should look for a roof rack that is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum or steel and make sure that the mounting hardware is both secure and stainless steel.
  • You should also look for additional security features such as locking devices or built-in cable locks. These security features help keep your skis safe and safeguard against theft.
  • As far as durability goes, you should also make sure the rack is designed to hold up in variable weather conditions while protecting your vehicle’s exterior from wear and tear.
  • Anodized finishes help protect the material from rusting or corroding, so this is an additional bonus to look for when purchasing a ski roof rack.

Top Ski Roof Racks of 2023

In recent years, ski roof racks have become a popular way to transport skis and snowboards to the slopes. Well-designed roof racks offer secure, adjustable fastening to keep gear safe and allow you to easily access the equipment when you need it. They also allow for maximum storage capacity since skis or snowboards can be conveniently placed longitudinally on the roof.

Here are some of the top ski roof rack models from 2023:

  • Thule 92726 Universal Flat Top Ski Rack: This top-rated model is unique in that it features a soft rubber drive shaft that ensures optimal protection for your boards or skis. The rubber is flexible and adjusts to various sizes of boards or skis. It also has adjustable side straps for securely fastening longboards and wide skis. Finally, carrying accessories such as boots, poles, and helmets are securely fastened with integrated straps at the front of each arm.
  • Yakima Roof Mounted Ski Rack: This top-of-the line aluminum ski rack utilizes an aerodynamic design with removable arms so you can easily attach 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards! The six straps adjust automatically to fit different widths so you can carry any size board without having to fuss around with adjusting complex parts. Best of all Yakima’s universal mounting system allows this rack to fit square, round and most factory cross bars right out of the box!
  • Apex Ski/Snowboard Roof Rack: The Apex is a two piece clamping system that offers great versatility yet low profile when not in use. Featuring custom made ends specifically designed for skiing or snowboarding equipment, this dual clamps hold up even in extreme weather conditions like heavy winds or bad roads! Constructed from durable heavy duty steel tubing this rack also has lockable clamps for added security on longer trips where theft may be an issue!

Thule Motion XT XL

  1. Thule Motion XT XL is one of the world’s leading ski roof racks. Designed for modern vehicles, the Motion XT XL features an easy-to-load, convenient cargo box with an aerodynamic profile to minimize drag and fuel consumption. The hitch mounting style ensures a secure fit on your vehicle while making it easier to access the contents within.

The hull of the cargo box’s is constructed of light yet durable aluminum that provides strength and rigidity. The pre assembled one-key system ensures that all your gear is safely secured within and opens with just the touch of a button for easy entry into the box itself. This system includes locks for added safety, as well as LED lights to help make loading in low light conditions more manageable.

Additionally, there are adjustable wings on both sides of the cargo box which can be used to maximize storage capacity if needed and also provide more protection from weather and road elements when in use.

With its sleek design, premium materials, low profile shape, and simple installation process, Thule Motion XT XL is an ideal choice for any skier who wants a dependable ski roof rack for their travels.

Yakima ShowDown

The Yakima ShowDown is an adjustable ski roof rack that holds up to four pairs of skis or two snowboards. It features quick and secure installation, with rubber straps for added protection for your skis and boards. The arms can be adjusted to fit multiple sizes of boards and skis and the integrated heavy-duty tower system locks into place, providing a safe and secure base for your winter sporting equipment.

With a unique dual-level design, it’s also able to carry both long powder skis as well as shorter carving skis while taking up minimal space on your roof. Its integrated pushbutton lock allows you to secure the rack so that it won’t come loose while driving down the freeway.

The Yakima Showdown is an ideal choice for those looking for a strong and versatile ski roof rack suitable for all kinds of winter adventures.

Rhino Rack Ski and Snowboard Carrier

The Rhino Rack Ski and Snowboard Carrier is a great choice for transporting skis and snowboards up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. This ski roof rack is designed with built-in locks that can be opened with a key, allowing you to securely store your ski gear on top of your vehicle.

The carrier also features adjustable rubber straps that are designed to grip skis and snowboards firmly, preventing any rattling or movement during transit. Plus, this carrier is Universal so it can be mounted on any crossbar type and can accommodate all types of roof rack mounting systems. With an aerodynamic shape, this roof rack offers superior wind noise reduction when driving at high speeds.

Maintenance and care tips for ski roof racks

When it comes to prolonging the life of your ski roof rack, proper maintenance and care is essential. Here are some tips to help you maintain the quality of your roof rack:

  • Regularly inspect all parts of the roof rack for wear, damage and corrosion. This should include the crossbar and tower, fastenings, mounting hardware, straps and more. Make sure that all components are tightened to their appropriate level before each use.
  • It is very important that you regularly clean off dirt, salt, snow and any other debris from your roof rack components. Doing so will help minimize corrosion over time. If necessary, use a mild detergent or soap with water or a product specifically designed for cleaning metal or rubber surfaces for best results.
  • Be sure to store the ski rack indoors when not in use since prolonged exposure to outdoor elements can cause rapid corrosion over time. This can reduce its longevity significantly if not properly stored during non-use periods.
  • Make sure to read through the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before use and follow all directions provided on how to correctly install and use your ski roof rack equipment. It is important that you always double check that all parts are securely tightened in place before departure and periodically as you travel so as to ensure safe transportation of your gear at all times.

Cleaning and storage

Cleaning and storage of your ski roof rack is an essential part of prolonging its lifespan and ensuring it works effectively. Here are some tips to keep in mind when cleaning and storing your ski roof rack:

  1. First, take the time to clean off all of the dirt, sand, and debris that has accumulated on the bars. This is especially important if you have been taking the rack off-road. Use a gentle soap solution or a specifically designed cleaner to keep the coatings on your bars looking great over time.
  2. Make sure you read through the instructions in your owner’s manual on how to properly remove any loose parts from the bars prior to cleaning or storing them away for winter months. You may be required to fully dismantle them depending on brand or model.
  3. When storing away for long periods of time (especially during winter months) make sure that you provide extra protection from rusting due to moisture build-up with a protective vinyl cover for each part of your bar setup. Covers with UV protection can also help protect from fading from sun exposure over time as well as debris scratches while driving open roads or trails less traveled in treacherous terrain spots outdoors!

Protecting against the elements

The materials used in the construction of ski roof racks play a critical role in protecting against damage from the elements. The most popular materials are aluminum, steel and synthetic rubbers.

  • Aluminum is more lightweight than steel, so it is a good choice for car roof supports and skis.
  • Steel makes for strong, durable racks that can withstand harsh weather conditions such as hail and ice storms. It is also less prone to corrosion than aluminum.
  • Synthetic rubbers provide excellent protection against road salt and other chemicals that may be on the roads during winter months. Additionally, they help create a buffer between your car roof top and skis to reduce road noise and vibrations.

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Choosing the right ski roof rack for your vehicle will depend on many factors including what type of car you have, how long your skis are and how often they will be used. It’s important to compare different models and prices to find something that fits both your budget and your needs. In general, the more features a roof rack has, the more expensive it will be. Consider investing in a higher quality roof rack if you plan to use it regularly or if you need extra features such as anti-slip technology or added security protection.

When selecting a ski roof rack, make sure it is compatible with your skis and does not require any additional modifications or accessories. Check both the product description as well as customer reviews carefully so that you can make an informed decision about which model will work best for you. Make sure to properly install the roof rack according to all safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer in order to ensure a secure ride while transporting your skis.


Is it safe to put skis on roof rack?

Yes, it is safe to put skis on a roof rack as long as the rack is installed properly and securely. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure that the skis are securely fastened to the rack.

Do you need crossbars for a ski rack?

Yes, you need crossbars for a ski rack. The crossbars provide the necessary support and stability for the rack and skis.

How many skis does a Thule ski rack hold?

The number of skis a Thule ski rack can hold varies depending on the model and size of the rack. Some Thule ski racks can hold up to 6 skis, while others can hold up to 4 skis.

Can you put a ski rack on any car?

No, you cannot put a ski rack on any car. Some vehicles have roof shapes or other features that are not compatible with ski racks. It’s important to check the manufacturer’s guidelines to determine if a ski rack will fit your car.

Do ski racks hurt gas mileage?

Yes, ski racks can affect gas mileage, as they create wind resistance and add weight to the vehicle. However, the impact on gas mileage is usually minimal.

Do roof racks damage your car?

No, roof racks do not damage your car if they are installed properly and used appropriately. However, improper installation or overloading can cause damage to the roof of your vehicle or the rack itself.

What is the best way to store skis?

The best way to store skis is to hang them on a ski rack in a dry and temperature-controlled environment. This helps prevent warping and damage to the skis.

What is the difference between ski rack 4 and 6?

The difference between a ski rack 4 and 6 refers to the number of skis that the rack can hold. A ski rack 4 can hold 4 skis, while a ski rack 6 can hold 6 skis.

Is it OK to store skis in car?

It is not recommended to store skis in a car as extreme temperature changes can cause damage to the skis. A ski rack or storage bag is a better option.

How do I protect my skis when traveling?

To protect your skis when traveling, make sure to use a ski rack or storage bag that is designed to protect the skis from damage. Additionally, it’s important to secure the skis properly to prevent them from moving around during transit.


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