Best roof rack for honda crv 2023

Are you looking to travel long distances with your Honda CRV 2023? Then you’ll need a roof rack! But which one to pick? In this article, we provide you with an exhaustive guide to choose the best roof rack for your Honda CRV 2023. You’ll learn everything you need to know while making a smart purchase!

Best roof rack for honda crv 2023

  1. LEDKINGDOMUS Roof Rack for Honda CRV (Editor’s Pick)
  2. MOSTPLUS Roof Rack Honda CRV (Best Overall)
  3. CARMOCAR Roof Rack for Honda CRV (Budget Friendly)
  4. Cross Bars Roof Rack CRV
  5. DNA Motoring Roof Rack CR
  6. OCPTY Roof Rack for Honda CRV
  7. SCITOO Roof Rack for Honda CRV

1) LEDKINGDOMUS Roof Rack for Honda CRV

Best roof rack for honda crv

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The LEDKINGDOMUS Roof Rack is a seamless, bolt-on solution designed to hold all your camping gear. Adventurers love it since it’s compatible with camping gear and designed for the Honda CRV.

This roof rack’s wide base designed to reduce wind noise during expeditions is a notable feature. Wind turbulence should not deter you from an exciting adventure. This innovative feature makes high-speed driving peaceful.

Crafted from premium materials, the LEDKINGDOMUS Roof Rack offers uncompromising durability and lifespan. High-quality ABS plastic and aluminium ensure its durability. No more worries about wear and tear—this roof rack can withstand many trips.

Smooth Installation for Instant Adventures

Easy Setup:

Installation of the LEDKINGDOMUS Roof Rack is simple. You can quickly turn your Honda CRV into an adventure-ready powerhouse with a bolt-on mounting system and few tools. This roof rack eliminates lengthy and complicated installs so you may explore more.

Guided Installation: The manufacturer prioritises user convenience during installation. Roof rack instructions are clear and concise, easing install. A notification system alerts you to installation concerns as your diligent assistant. You can proceed confidently with this sophisticated feature.

Maximise Your Honda CRV

Up Your Storage:

Travel requires careful packing and enough storage. The LEDKINGDOMUS Roof Rack easily expands your Honda CRV’s storage capacity to carry more gear, equipment, or luggage without sacrificing comfort or space. Free yourself from travel restrictions and carry all you need.

Selecting a roof rack requires precise specifications to enable perfect integration with your vehicle. The LEDKINGDOMUS roof rack weighs 2.97 kilogrammes and measures 40.35 x 6.3 x 3.94 inches. This precise sizing eliminates concerns about uncomfortable protrusions or misalignments and ensures a snug fit.

Strong Companion:

This roof rack is made of ABS plastic and aluminium and is durable. The LEDKINGDOMUS Roof Rack stays sturdy and attractive in rain, sun, or harsh terrain.

Unmatched load-bearing capacity:

Imagine carrying up to 150 pounds on your Honda CRV. The LEDKINGDOMUS Roof Rack turns your car into a versatile behemoth that can carry many stuff for your trips. No camping gear or outdoor needs will be left behind.


In an adventure-filled world, the LEDKINGDOMUS Roof Rack is the perfect Honda CRV accessory. Adventurers love its smart design, durable construction, and user-friendly installation. Increase your travels, break free from limits, and unleash your Honda CRV’s full potential with this amazing roof rack. Experience the future of adventure with LEDKINGDOMUS.

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LEDKINGDOMUS Roof Rack for Honda CRV First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Smarse Jakey

  1. The LEDKINGDOMUS roof rack is made of durable ABS plastic and aluminum, providing resistance to the elements and ensuring long-lasting use.
  2. It’s compatible with Honda CRV models from 2012 to 2016, ensuring a perfect fit.
  3. With a load capacity of 150 pounds, this roof rack is versatile and has large capacity, allowing you to carry more gear, equipment, or luggage.
  4. The bolt-on installation makes the process smooth and easy, and the clear instructions provided by the manufacturer make it even more straightforward.
  5. The aerodynamic design of this roof rack and its textured black exterior make it a stylish addition to your Honda CRV, providing a sleek and modern look.



Item Dimensions LxWxH 40.35 x 6.3 x 3.94 inches
Item Weight 2.97 Kilograms
Folding No
Load Capacity 150 Pounds

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2) MOSTPLUS Roof Rack Honda CRV

Best roof rack for honda crv

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Complex installations no longer cause problems. Smart clamp mount design makes the MOSTPLUS Roof Rack easy to install. This revolutionary design eliminates tedious installation. The rack neatly mounts to your Honda CRV’s roof rails, adding cargo protection.

Unmatched compatibility without compromises

Your cherished Honda CRV needs modifications? The MOSTPLUS Roof Rack is precision-made to meet your demands without modification. This roof rack is convenient and designed for Honda CRV vehicles with roof rails. The cherry on top is that no drilling or cutting is needed, saving your vehicle.

A Secure Hold for a Smooth Ride

Go on adventures without worry. The MOSTPLUS Roof Rack has an iron-clad gripping system. This sturdy mechanism secures your load throughout transport, giving you the confidence to confront the open road without compromise.

Durability and Strength for Every Expedition

The MOSTPLUS Roof Rack is seriously durable. This roof rack’s high-quality aluminium construction ensures durability. Despite Mother Nature’s trials, your MOSTPLUS Roof Rack will be there for you on many journeys.

Increase Your Travel Experience

Discover your Honda CRV’s full potential with the MOSTPLUS Roof Rack. This addition, designed for 2012–2016 models, can make your trips special. With the MOSTPLUS Roof Rack on your car, the options are unlimited.

Precise Dimensions for Perfect Fit

Dimensions are vital for a perfect fit. The MOSTPLUS Roof Rack’s 40 x 6.4 x 4 inch package measurements were carefully calibrated to fit your Honda CRV. For 6.58 pounds, this lightweight wonder hits the right balance between durability and portability.

A Champion of Load

Carry more than dreams when travelling. The MOSTPLUS Roof Rack is ideal for transporting gear, equipment, and luggage with a 150-pound weight capacity. Explorers who push limits like this declaration of capability.

CRV Elegance Tailored

The MOSTPLUS Roof Rack is both functional and stylish. This roof rack complements your Honda CRV’s elegant looks with its beautiful design. It blends elegance and functionality with your vehicle’s design.


The MOSTPLUS Roof Rack for Honda CRV is more than an accessory—it opens up new possibilities. It’s the missing piece of your travel jigsaw due to its quick installation, secure grip, great load capacity, and perfect compatibility. Mount your travels, enrich your voyage, and embrace the road ahead with the MOSTPLUS Roof Rack. It’s more than a roof rack—it’s a gateway to unmatched expeditions.

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MOSTPLUS Roof Rack Honda CRV First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Kenna Booker


  1. The MOSTPLUS roof rack is made of durable aluminum, providing resistance to the elements and ensuring long-lasting use.
  2. It’s compatible with Honda CRV models from 2012 to 2016, ensuring a perfect fit.
  3. With a load capacity of 150 pounds, this roof rack is versatile and has large capacity, allowing you to carry more gear, equipment, or luggage.
  4. The lightweight design of this roof rack, weighing only 6.58 pounds, makes it easy to install and remove when not in use.
  5. The manufacturer, MOSTPLUS, ensures the quality and compatibility of this roof rack with Honda CRV models from 2012 to 2016, providing peace of mind to the buyer.



Color Black
Material Aluminum
Folding No

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3) CARMOCAR Roof Rack for Honda CRV

Best roof rack for honda crv

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The CARMOCAR Roof Rack is built on security. Its innovative raised side rails securely tether to your vehicle’s roof, keeping your load in position. This roof rack protects your camping goods, sports gear, and bags.

Weatherproof: Built to Last

Outdoor activities require rugged gear. The CARMOCAR Roof Rack’s sturdy construction and materials meet the challenge. Wind, rain, and the elements don’t bother this robust friend. Durability is an assurance that your outdoor adventures will be safe with the roof rack.

Elevated Capacity: Easy World Travel

The 150-pound CARMOCAR Roof Rack can gracefully handle a variety of objects. This roof rack can hold heavy luggage, camping gear, and sports gear. It’s reliable, letting you pack freely and go on adventures.

Seamless Integration: Honda CRV Fit perfection

Precision is crucial for roof racks. The CARMOCAR Roof Rack fits the 2007–2011 Honda CRV perfectly, blending design and utility. The high-quality aluminium construction enhances your vehicle’s appearance and functionality. It seamlessly enhances your CRV’s capabilities with flair and practicality.

Dimensions Matter: Custom Fitting

A roof rack’s fit determines its effectiveness. The CARMOCAR Roof Rack’s 39 x 9.5 x 7-inch package dimensions are carefully adjusted for a snug fit. Its 18.11 pounds mix substance and finesse, giving spaciousness without compromising vehicle agility. The elevated side rail mount anchors the fit, making it durable even on rough terrain.

Navigating Every Challenge: Unwavering Strength

Cargo movement requires strength. The CARMOCAR Roof Rack uses marine-grade aluminium for harsh circumstances. It excels in harsh environments, temperatures, and adventures, proving its worth when needed. With this roof rack, you can face challenges with confidence.

Conclusion: Improve Your CRV Experience with the CARMOCAR Roof Rack

The CARMOCAR Roof Rack combines security, durability, capacity, and integration. It enhances your Honda CRV experience and is a trusted travel companion. Equip your CRV with the CARMOCAR Roof Rack and transform your journey now. It’s more than a roof rack—it showcases style, strength, and everlasting support.

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CARMOCAR Roof Rack for Honda CRV First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Mommy Che Dugan


  1. The Carmocar roof rack is made of high-quality, heavy-duty material, ensuring strength and durability to support your cargo.
  2. It has a load capacity of 150 pounds, providing ample space for your gear and equipment.
  3. This roof rack has a raised side rail mount, ensuring a secure and stable fit for your cargo.
  4. The package dimensions of 39 x 9.5 x 7 inches make it easy to install and remove when not in use.
  5. The manufacturer, Carmocar, provides a roof rack that is specifically designed for 2007-2011 Honda CRV models, ensuring a perfect fit and compatibility.



Color Black
Material Aluminum
Folding No

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4) Cross Bars Roof Rack CRV

Best roof rack for honda crv

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ROSY Cross Bars Roof Rack installation ensures a secure fit that lasts during long trips. Its flawless design ensures a secure attachment and easy detachment. This roof rack is your faithful buddy for weekend getaways or extended trips. With a 150lb weight capacity, it can safely carry your belongings.

Increase Your Travel Experience

The ROSY Cross Bars Roof Rack is essential for smooth travel. It provides adaptability and durability to protect your items atop your Honda CRV. The installation process is simplified with detailed instructions and photos to ensure a smooth setup. For those seeking a reliable and well-made Honda CRV roof rack, the ROSY Cross Bars Roof Rack is the best option.

Increase Vehicle Space with ROSY Cross Bars Roof Rack

Release Your Honda CRV’s Potential

Vehicle space is important while planning a trip. Due to space constraints, a cramped trip is likely. A roof rack can increase your vehicle’s capacity, alleviating this problem. ROSY PIXEL’s Cross Bars Roof Rack is a top Honda CRV accessory.

Excellent Craftsmanship and Compatibility

ROSY PIXEL’s Cross Bars Roof Rack is made of high-quality aluminium and is sleek black. Careful measurements are needed to ensure a smooth fit across a variety of Honda CRV models. It is the best way to move baggage, bicycles, skis, and other heavy objects with its 150-pound weight capability. This rack can be mounted on the roof, rails, or crossbars of your CRV.

Easy Installation and Secure Security

The ROSY PIXEL Cross Bars Roof Rack’s installation is simple thanks to clear instructions. This rack mounts securely, protecting your belongings during your expedition. Its unmatched benefits outweigh its lack of foldability. The travel benefits outweigh the storage hassles.

Finally, the ROSY Cross Bars Roof Rack is an essential accessory for your Honda CRV, whether you want to increase cargo space or travel comfortably. Its smooth fitment, durability, and adaptability make it the perfect complement for modern adventurers.

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Cross Bars Roof Rack CRV First Hand Review Video

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  1. The Cross Bars Roof Rack from ROSY PIXEL is compatible with most Honda CRV models.
  2. It is made from high-quality aluminum and can hold up to 150 pounds.
  3. The rack can be mounted on the roof, rails, or crossbars, providing versatility and flexibility.
  4. Clear instructions are provided for easy installation.
  5. The rack is stable and secure, ensuring your belongings are safe during your trip.



Color Black
Vehicle Service Type Car
Material Aluminum
Folding No

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5) DNA Motoring Roof Rack CRV

Best roof rack for honda crv

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Just consider DNA Motoring Roof Rack CR. This Honda CRV roof-mounted masterpiece is precision-crafted and easy to install, offering unrivalled functionality and style. Explore the DNA Motoring Roof Rack CR’s various functionalities to make your trips easier and faster.

1. Simple Installation for Maximum Versatility

Installation makes the DNA Motoring Roof Rack CR convenient. This unique mounting system accommodates both sides of your car, giving you exceptional versatility. This fantastic Honda CRV roof rack is easy to install for beginners and pros.

2. Weight-Bearing Capability

The DNA Motoring Roof Rack CR has significant weight-bearing capacity. This roof rack can hold hefty items, making luggage, equipment, and valuables easier to move. Travel comfortably and fully equipped without space constraints.

3. Innovative Design Offers Unmatched Stability

Choosing a roof rack requires stability. The DNA Motoring Roof Rack CR’s front-to-back mounting is ideal. It stabilises and reinforces the rack. If reliability and security are crucial, this roof rack is perfect for travelling.

4. Strength and Lightness

The DNA Motoring Roof Rack CR redefines aluminium and ABS durability. The lightweight material can last. This durable and lightweight design promises years of reliable performance without bulking up your vehicle.

5. Accurate Fit Measurements

Before choosing, check DNA Motoring Roof Rack CR measurements. This 41 x 6 x 3-inch roof rack is custom-made for your automobile. Before buying this great travel gear, ensure sure it fits your Honda CRV for a pleasant ride.

6. Ample Load Capacity

The DNA Motoring Roof Rack CR’s 150-pound load capacity exceeds expectations for various freight needs. This roof rack may carry sports gear, travel necessities, and more. Pack without reservations and vacation prepared.

7. All Vehicles Have Flexible Mounting

The DNA Motoring Roof Rack CR realises one size doesn’t fit all. Roof mount, rails, or crossbar mount make this roof rack compatible with various car models. The high-quality construction integrates seamlessly, boosting travel safety and convenience. The simple installation method lets anyone install this great feature.

In conclusion, the DNA Motoring Roof Rack CR is innovative, durable, and convenient. Easy design and heavy weight capacity make it necessary for travel. Get this fantastic roof rack to make your Honda CRV look and work better. The DNA Motoring Roof Rack CR lets you roam.

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DNA Motoring Roof Rack CRV First Hand Review Video

Video Source: dnamotoring


  1. The DNA Motoring Roof Rack CR has a high load capacity of 150 pounds, which is more than enough to carry your belongings.
  2. Its versatile mounting options make it suitable for any type of car.
  3. This roof rack is made from high-quality materials, ensuring its durability and longevity.
  4. It provides convenience and safety while driving with the added storage space.
  5. The installation process is easy and straightforward.



Color Black
Vehicle Service Type Passenger Car
Material Aluminum, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Item Dimensions LxWxH 41 x 6 x 3 inches

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6) OCPTY Roof Rack for Honda CRV

Best roof rack for honda crv

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The smartly designed roof mount of the OCPTY Roof Rack sticks out. No more cutting or drilling during installation. This roof rack is easy to install, so you can spend more time on the road and less time fumbling with intricate setups.

The pinch clamps additionally secure the crossbars and reduce drive noise and vibration. Thanks to the OCPTY Roof Rack’s revolutionary design, travel is quieter and smoother.

Powering Your Adventures

Picture a weekend trip or outdoor expedition as an exciting adventure. The OCPTY Roof Rack is your trustworthy partner for carrying many essentials. This roof rack may hold sporting equipment, baggage, and utilitarian goods.

The OCPTY Roof Rack is built to last, providing a reliable way to carry extra cargo. This roof rack lets you bring your gear without sacrifice.

Smoothly Styled for Honda CRVs

OCPTY Roof Racks are excellent for Honda CRV models with side rails. This roof rack by OCPTY is sleek and black, matching your vehicle’s looks. However, measure your measurements carefully before buying to ensure a perfect fit.

Energising Performance

The OCPTY Roof Rack can hold 165 pounds and has crossbar and roof attachment options. The capacity exceeds expectations, making it excellent for hauling bags or outdoor gear on memorable road excursions.

The OCPTY Roof Rack weighs 6.53 pounds and measures 40.16 x 6.3 x 3.94 inches. This light weight makes installation and adjustments easy.

Improve Efficiency Using Aerodynamic Design

Aerodynamic design makes the OCPTY Roof Rack functional and attractive. Improve your vehicle’s appearance and minimise wind noise and drag. With little air resistance, your vehicle will have better fuel economy.

The manufacturer’s detailed instructions make installation easy. Feel assured following step-by-step instructions to set up your OCPTY Roof Rack easily.

For Honda CRV drivers wanting a superior roof rack, the OCPTY Roof Rack has many benefits. With its quick installation, noise reduction, outstanding load capacity, and aerodynamic design, this roof rack is both stylish and functional. Add to your driving experience with the OCPTY Roof Rack as your loyal buddy.

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OCPTY Roof Rack for Honda CRV First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Erick Morales


  1. With a load capacity of 165 pounds, you can pack more equipment for your travels.
  2. The sleek black color blends well with the car’s aesthetic.
  3. The aerodynamic design reduces wind noise and drag, which can improve fuel efficiency.
  4. The roof rack is easy to install on your vehicle.
  5. The manufacturer provides clear instructions to guide you through the process.



Color Black
Vehicle Service Type Fits Side Rails Models ONLY
Item Dimensions LxWxH 40.16 x 6.3 x 3.94 inches
Item Weight 2960 Grams

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7) SCITOO Roof Rack for Honda CRV

Best roof rack for honda crv

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The SCITOO Roof Rack is painstakingly designed to match the Honda CRV’s style, producing a seamless look. Its easily assembled crossbars assure a smooth alignment. Instead of complicated installations, the SCITOO Roof Rack is easy.

Multipurpose Cargo Solution

Travel with confidence knowing the SCITOO Roof Rack can handle your cargo. This aluminium roof rack can withstand the worst weather, ensuring durability. To ensure a perfect fit, measure your CRV’s roof at 40.16 x 6.3 x 3.94 inches.

Exceptional load capacity

The SCITOO Roof Rack can carry 165 pounds, making it easy to transport a variety of objects. This roof rack holds tents, coolers, and sports gear for cross-country road trips and camping trips. Rest certain that your items will survive your trip.

Solid Performance and Security

Travel with confidence knowing the SCITOO Roof Rack protects your cargo. This roof rack protects your things in every weather with constant and reliable performance. Its reliable structure keeps your stuff secure, letting you enjoy your journey.

Easy DIY Installation

The SCITOO Roof Rack is easy to install for DIYers. The snug and secure fitment is tailored to your Honda CRV. To ensure a proper installation, read the instructions before starting.

Finally, the SCITOO Roof Rack for Honda CRV is stylish and functional. Enhance your driving experience with a roof rack that matches your vehicle’s looks and provides exceptional load capacity and security. As you prepare for your next excursion, the SCITOO Roof Rack will enhance your CRV’s possibilities.

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SCITOO Roof Rack for Honda CRV First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Ladybug Adventures


  1. The Scitoo Roof Rack has a load capacity of 165 pounds, making it perfect for carrying heavy items.
  2. Made of durable aluminum, this roof rack can withstand the elements and is built to last.
  3. Installation is easy and straightforward, making it a great choice for those who want to do it themselves.
  4. The roof rack has highly consistent performance, ensuring your cargo stays secure on your journey.
  5. The fitment is designed to be perfect for your Honda CRV, ensuring a secure and safe mount.




Color Black
Vehicle Service Type Passenger Car
Material Aluminum

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Best roof rack for honda crv 2023-Complete Buying Guide

The roof rack is an essential accessory for your car, providing additional storage space for gear such as bikes, surfboards, kayaks and more. Finding the right roof rack for your vehicle can be a bit of a challenge because there are so many options and styles available. This buying guide provides important information to help you choose the best roof rack for your Honda CRV 2023 and make sure that it fits securely on your car.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about roof racks, including:

  • What they are
  • Types of roof racks available
  • Features to look out for when shopping
  • Helpful tips on how to install the roof rack on your Honda CRV 2023.

Read on to learn more and shop smarter when making this important purchase!

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Factors to consider when buying a roof rack

Choosing the best roof rack for your Honda CRV 2023 requires considering a few factors. In this section, we’ll discuss the essential things to take into account when shopping for a roof rack for your Honda CRV.

  • Durability: Roof racks are designed to last for many years, but not all are created equal. Heavy-duty construction materials offer better protection from wear and tear, allowing them to hold up better over time. Steel and aluminum are popular choices since they tend to be more durable than other options like plastic and composite materials.
  • Functionality: When deciding on a roof rack, make sure it has features that fit your needs. If you plan to transport larger items like kayaks or large boxes, look for one with higher weight capacity limits and adjustable arms to accommodate different sized loads. You should also consider how easy it is to install and remove the rack as needed—look for one with a quick-release system that makes setup quick and easy without having to use tools or hardware every time.
  • Style: Different car models call for different styles of racks, so when selecting one make sure it matches the style of your car. Aerodynamic bars provide a sleek look that complements modern car designs while being wind-resistant enough to reduce drag when driving at high speeds—a great option if you want style plus performance. And if you want something more durable yet still stylish, there are plenty of heavy-duty options available that come in classic black or silver finishes as well as custom colors so you can match it seamlessly with your vehicle’s exterior.

Compatibility with Honda CRV 2023

When selecting a roof rack for the Honda CRV 2023, it is important to check for compatibility between the rack and the vehicle, as this will ensure that both parts work together safely and securely.

In order to do this, it is necessary to select a roof rack design and check that it is suitable for use with the specific make and model of car you have. There are many brands on the market and it can be difficult to make sure that you get the right fit.

The best way to guarantee compatibility is to buy a roof rack specifically designed for use with your Honda CRV 2023. Look at product descriptions carefully and read reviews from other drivers who have purchased a similar luggage rack in order to ensure that you’re buying the right model. Additionally, many companies will offer installation advice or assistance if needed, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with them if you need more information or help fitting your brand new roof rack.

Load capacity

Before purchasing a roof rack for your Honda CRV, it is important to consider the load capacity of the roof rack you are considering. The load capacity of a roof rack essentially determines how much weight it can bear. Roof racks with higher load capacities can typically accommodate heavier items such as boats, kayaks, and snowboards.

Your vehicle’s curb weight should be taken into account when selecting the appropriate roof rack for your Honda CRV. The curb weight of the vehicle is essentially the weight of the empty car including full fuel and all factory fitted equipment, with out any occupants. It is important to make sure that you do not exceed your Honda CRV’s total load or gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). Your owner’s manual will include this information.

Your storage needs and available space should also be considered when choosing a roof rack for your Honda CRV. Depending on what type of equipment you plan on storing on top of your vehicle, you may need to select a model that offers:

  • multiple configurations
  • adjustable components

in order to provide adequate space for larger items or multiple items at once. Additionally, some manufacturers offer models that are specific to certain vehicles in order to ensure they fit snugly onto specific vehicles.

Ease of installation

It is very important to make sure that the roof rack you are purchasing is easy to install and use without much effort. Most roof-rack manufacturers include detailed instructions on how to install their item, and if this isn’t the best option for you, from a local garage should be able to fit it for an additional fee.

In some cases, although it can take longer to fit your roof rack precisely, it may be worth doing so as well-installed racks are comprised of metal components that are secured with nuts and bolts. If these come loose after time, they could cause significant damage to your car or even people driving nearby!

III. Top roof rack options for Honda CRV 2023

When looking for the best roof rack for your Honda CRV 2023, you want one that is sturdy, secure, and compatible with your vehicle and the items you plan to carry. Here are some key features to consider when selecting a roof rack:

  • Design and Construction – Look for a rack that is made from lightweight yet durable materials such as steel or aluminum. There are many models that feature a stylish design as well as mounting hardware for easy installation. Additionally, check for aerodynamic design elements to minimize wind noise when driving at highway speeds.
  • Safety Features – To ensure the safety of your vehicle and those around it, look for rain gutter mounts which will keep the rack securely in place without damaging your car’s finish or trim. Also look for racks with built-in locking mechanisms to deter theft while locked onto your car.
  • Carrying Capacity – Consider how much weight you will be carrying on the roof rack and choose accordingly. Generally speaking, most aftermarket roof racks can take up to 165 lbs (75 kg) of cargo weight, so it’s important to select one that matches what you plan to use it for.
  • Compatibility – Lastly, make sure that whatever roof rack option you select is compatible with your Honda CRV 2023 year model. In some cases, an adapter may be needed; always check manufacturer documentation or contact customer service before purchasing any type of roof rack accessory or part.

Thule Aeroblade Edge

The Thule Aeroblade Edge is a perfect fit for the Honda CRV 2023, offering sleek styling and an integrated deck. Featuring a patented AeroBlade design with a wind-diffusion technology to reduce drag, this system is the ultimate in aerodynamic performance.

For convenience, this roof rack comes with QuickGrip hardware that makes installation fast and easy. The adjustable feet provide up to a 6-inch foot adjustability range and the Aluminum Bars feature split weight design which helps evenly distribute your load. The base rack also features built-in locks to keep it secure while you’re on the go.

With maximum load of 165lbs distributed evenly across four bars, you can carry your gear without worry while enjoying the protection of this Thule Aeroblade Edge roof rack.

Rhino Rack Vortex

The Rhino Rack Vortex is an excellent choice for Honda CRV drivers who need a strong, versatile, and secure roof rack. This system is designed to fit the factory-fitted raised or flush side rails of the Honda CRV 2023, providing full coverage along the length of the vehicle.

The Vortex comprises of four sturdy crossbars and accompanying side rail attachment kits. The bars are made from robust stainless steel; they have a large load capacity of up to 65kg – great for those who want to transport heavier items but without sacrificing on security. The corner features aerodynamically profiled channels which ensure low wind noise levels and improved fuel efficiency during long journeys. All crossbars are also provided with protective rubber strips for added protection against wind noise, dirt and dust during transit.

The component parts are easy to fit; no tools are necessary as all required fixings come with the attachment kit. Furthermore, these assemblies feature locking arms which provide additional anti-theft protection; these systems come with two locks already installed but an additional optional lock set is also available. With its sleek looks, rugged design and heavy loading capacity, this roof rack system provides everything needed for safe and secure transportation.

Yakima JetStream

The Yakima JetStream is a crossbar system designed to fit specific Honda CR-V models manufactured in 2023. This roof rack features an aerodynamic design that helps reduce drag, as well as an integrated WindRidge™ system that directs airflow around the bars to decrease stress on the roof caused by wind and turbulence.

In addition, each bar has an inverted SmartFill™ rubber insert system which locks and secures items such as bikes, kayaks, skis and more and the new JetFlow™ shape makes loading easier. Security covers prevent theft of valuable items, while FatCushion pads help protect your vehicle from scratches from heavier loads. The JetStream also comes standard with Yakima’s CoreBar™ endcap technology for a sleek look and easy installation.

How to install a roof rack

Installing a roof rack on your Honda CRV is not a hard task, but it does require some preparation. Before starting the installation, make sure you have all of the necessary parts and tools on hand. You will need a socket set, wrenches, and a reliable level.

Once you have gathered all of your tools and supplies, begin by properly securing your roof rack’s components to your car’s roof. If you purchased an integrated model, it is likely already pre-assembled with any hardware that may be needed for mounting included in the package. If you purchased an aftermarket unit or one that did not include hardware components, measure the distances between your vehicle’s mounting points to determine what type of hardware will be required for installation.

Next, use the provided template to mark where you will drill holes in the vehicle’s rooftop for installing screws and clamps that secure the racks structure to its surface. Use caution when drilling; take care not to damage any wiring in or near the area being modified. When drilling undercover openings into existing body panels such as roofs or trunks it’s important to wear safety glasses for protection from flying debris that may occur during drilling or cutting operations.

Finally, place the rail assembly on top of the vehicle and line up with previously drilled holes; secure with provided mounting screws and clamps as necessary according to manufacturer instructions until rack is firmly attached. Ensure thoroughly tighten all nuts and bolts before driving off; then double check all fixtures for security before each journey!

Preparing the vehicle

It is essential to ensure your vehicle is adequately prepared for the installation of a roof rack. The key steps are as follows:

  1. Confirm your Honda CRV’s roof shape and design. Make sure you know how many side rails, tracks and mounting points it has to ensure that you select an appropriate roof rack system for your vehicle.
  2. Thoroughly clean the factory-installed side rails and tracks before installing a rooftop carrier so that the mounting clamps can grip firmly without impediment. Use alcohol wipes or equivalent products to make sure all surfaces are completely free from dirt, dust, grime or other debris so as not to cause any damage during installation or afterwards when in use.
  3. Ensure that existing sealant around the edges of the trim on the sides of the vehicle is clean and dry prior to attaching any mounting posts or fasteners with adhesive tape or screws. Check carefully for any signs of rust or corrosion that could cause structural weakness in these areas before beginning work on fixing mountings onto your Honda CRV’s roof top surface.

Installing the roof rack

Once you’ve chosen the perfect roof rack for your Honda CRV, it’s time to get started installing it. Before beginning any work on your vehicle, be sure to read all the instructions that come with your roof rack. This is important as every roof rack will have different methods for installation. For safety and security, we recommend having two people install the roof rack whenever possible.

For most roof racks, installation will involve a combination of several methods, including securing through the door frames, mounting with straps and lacing through the window frames. Each of these steps is important in ensuring the secure attachment of your car’s new accessory.

To start, begin by putting on the provided sidepieces. Secure them in place by inserting U-bolts at each corner and tightening them down with a wrench or screwdriver until they are tightly fitted against the rails inside your car’s frame. This will provide stability for all other parts of installation moving forward.

Next attach the crossbars using pre-tensioned straps or drilled bolts at each end onto existing preexisting threaded inserts inside your car’s frame or attach appropriately sized raised rails onto existing weld points inside your car’s door frame near its hinges with specially designed mounting bolts that fit into predrilled holes and align perfectly with existing raised rail system already present in most Honda CRV models from 2021 onward.

Finally check that all bolts are tight before testing out and making sure there is no unnecessary rattling noises while travelling on rough terrain or bumps in roads while driving at speed limit comply to local regulations where applicable before taking off in anticipation of great outdoor travels ahead!



Whether you need additional storage space to transport your mountain bikes, or you’re looking for an easy way to move your kayaks around town, a roof rack is the perfect choice. With many different styles and sizes available, it can be tough to decide which one is right for your Honda CRV 2023.

Before making a purchase, double-check that the roof rack fits the contours of your vehicle and that it is designed for vehicle type. Additionally, look for a product from a reputable manufacturer offering warranty options in case there are any issues with the product. By familiarizing yourself with all of the available options and considering individual needs before making a purchase, you will be sure to get the perfect rooftop solution for your Honda CRV 2023.


Can you put a roof rack on a Honda CR-V?

Yes, you can put a roof rack on a Honda CR-V.

Will the 2023 Honda CR-V be bigger?

The size of the 2023 Honda CR-V has not been officially announced, so it is uncertain if it will be bigger or not.

How wide is a Honda CR-V roof rack?

The width of a Honda CR-V roof rack varies, depending on the specific model and brand.

What is high mileage for a Honda CR-V?

High mileage for a Honda CR-V is generally considered to be over 150,000 miles.

Do roof rack Cross Bars affect mileage?

Roof rack crossbars may affect the fuel efficiency of a vehicle, but the impact is typically small.

What is the difference between roof rack and Cross Bars?

A roof rack is a set of bars that run along the roof of a vehicle and can be used to carry a variety of items. Crossbars are the horizontal bars that run across the roof rack and provide a surface for attaching cargo.

Which 2023 Honda CR-V should I buy?

The best 2023 Honda CR-V for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Consider factors such as the trim level, features, and budget.

What is the difference between 2022 and 2023 Honda CR-V?

The differences between the 2022 and 2023 Honda CR-V have not been officially announced yet.

Where is the 2023 Honda CR-V built?

The 2023 Honda CR-V is likely to be built in a Honda manufacturing plant, but the specific location has not been officially announced yet.

Is the 2023 Honda CR-V expensive?

The cost of the 2023 Honda CR-V has not been officially announced yet, so it is uncertain if it will be considered expensive or not.


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