The Benefits of a Roof Rack for a Subaru Outback -:Complete Guide

Are you looking for more storage solutions for your Subaru Outback? Owning a roof rack can provide you with a simpler and effective way to transport large items.

In this article, you’ll learn all about the valuable benefits of installing a roof rack for your Subaru Outback.

The Subaru Outback is a popular crossover station wagon vehicle that can provide outstanding transportation for both daily commuting and camping trips. To get the most out of your Subaru Outback, you will likely want to consider equipping it with a roof rack. A roof rack, also referred to as a cross bar or top rack, is an excellent choice for enhancing the space in your vehicle and making it more efficient.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore all the benefits of adding a roof rack to your Subaru Outback, so that you can make an informed decision when considering an upgrade to your vehicle. We will examine what features are available and how they can benefit your specific needs as a driver of an Outback. We’ll also discuss which accessories you should consider when equipping your roof rack with all the necessary items for transporting equipment safely and easily. Finally, we’ll discuss installation tips and considerations so that you can safely install your new roof rack with confidence.

Explanation of what a roof rack is

A roof rack is a system designed for carrying accessories, luggage, or other cargo on the roof of a vehicle. It is composed of metal bars that are mounted to the raised platform at the top of a vehicle’s roof. The bars are used to attach items such as bikes and kayaks to be carried atop the vehicle. Subaru Outback owners often find that adding a roof rack to their car can be beneficial in many ways:

1) Increased storage space: A roof rack provides additional storage space for bulky items that may not easily fit inside the vehicle’s trunk or interiors. This can help you save on costly extra baggage fees when traveling and also means less need for a trailer or second car as extra storage space when going out camping or biking.

2) Added convenience: Roof racks also make it much easier to transport large items such as skis, snowboards, kayaks, surfboards, and bicycles since they are securely mounted on your Outback’s roof rather than taking up valuable interior or trunk space. This allows you to get from one place to another with ease and free up space inside the car for other things.

3) Improved fuel efficiency: A properly fitted and maintained Roof Rack can actually improve your Outback’s fuel economy by reducing air resistance caused by objects strapped onto its side or top – resulting in fewer stops for refueling and less money spent at the pump over time!

Importance of having a roof rack for a Subaru Outback

A roof rack is a useful tool for a Subaru Outback and can enhance convenience, comfort and the storage capacity of your vehicle. It enables you to carry items easily on the roof without having to worry about unscrewing bolts or struggling with straps. Roof racks provide a secure foundation to mount items such as bikes, canoes and kayaks, skis and snowboards, roof boxes and roof tents.

Having a roof rack allows you to carry equipment safely while freeing up interior space. You don’t have to worry about damage to the equipment or any potential deformation of your car’s interior if it was stored inside your car. Having space available on the roof means that long objects such as skis and kayaks won’t need to be strapped onto the rear of your car (which takes more time).

Another practical reason for installing a roof rack is that it increases aerodynamics which also increases miles per gallon (MPG). Rocky roads cause wind vibration which affects fuel efficiency, so having an extra load above rather than below helps reduce that vibration by stabilizing air flow. Overall this builds better fuel efficiency!

Purpose of the guide

This guide aims to provide detailed information about the installation, benefits, and correct use of a roof rack for a Subaru Outback. It is designed to help Subaru owners make the most of their vehicle top racks through practical examples and illustrations.

The guide provides an overview of the possible uses for a top rack on an Outback with its different models and years. It then focuses on the correct installation of specific types of roof racks that are available for order online or from auto parts stores, as well as various tools needed for the job.

Finally, this guide lists common hazards associated with incorrect use or installation of a roof rack and gives advice on how to safely maximize its potential benefits such as providing extra cargo capacity, hauling items, adding features like bike trays or kayak holders, and improving visibility while driving.

Benefits of a Roof Rack for a Subaru Outback

A roof rack for a Subaru Outback will provide added storage options that can help to make journeys easier and more enjoyable. With a roof rack, you can pack away items such as camping gear, extra luggage, and recreational equipment in an organized manner that reduces clutter inside your vehicle. There are also numerous benefits to using a roof rack that you should keep in mind.

Some of the key advantages of installing a roof rack on your Subaru Outback include:

  • Increased Carrying Capacity: With a roof rack, your Subaru Outback will be able to carry larger items than it could without one such as kayaks, snowboards/skis, bicycles or other bulky items.
  • Enhanced Safety: Roof racks will often come with tie down straps or other fastening mechanisms that allow you to securely attach any items you place on the rack reducing the risk of them falling off while travelling.
  • Enhanced Vehicle Appearance: A well-designed rooftop accessory can serve as an aesthetic enhancement for drivers who want to add some style to their Subaru Outback exterior.
  • Stability During Driving: By mounting bulky items such as kayaks onto the roof of your Subaru Outback and using appropriate tie downs, there is less likely to be vibration during driving which provides improved steering stability and better fuel economy in general.

Increased storage space

A Subaru Outback with a roof rack can provide additional storage space without taking away from the cabin size or comfort. This is especially beneficial if you plan to use your car for taking camping trips, carrying large cargo, and going on adventures that require extra storage capacity.

The increased storage created by a roof rack also allows you to bring more of the items you may need on longer trips, such as skis, snowboards, kayaks, bikes, and outdoor gear. A roof rack can even be used for short-term storage purposes if extra space is needed when travelling from one destination to another.


A roof rack outfitted for a Subaru Outback offers an incredible degree of versatility. Aside from storing baggage or camping gear, you can carry a variety of additional items on a roof rack such as kayaks and bicycles. With the right roof rack attachment kit, you can create additional storage space for both large and small objects.

Depending on the length of the trips that you take, having extra storage space above your Subaru Outback can come in handy for consolidating larger items such as surfboards or ladders. Additionally, some manufacturers create add-ons that offer cargo management systems to keep all your possessions properly organized and secure in their designated place.


Convenience is paramount when it comes to installing and using a roof rack on a Subaru Outback. A roof rack provides an easy way to secure and transport large items that otherwise would take up too much valuable cargo space or require an expensive trailer.

The roof racks offered today are designed to be efficient and easy to use. They come in many different sizes, with various mounting points, and can accommodate a wide range of accessories. By using adapters and add-ons, you can customize the racks to fit your needs perfectly. The different mounting points allow you to secure bikes, skis, kayaks, cargo boxes or rooftop tents. That way, you can free up vital interior cargo space on long drives rather than having your passengers carry the additional items inside the car.

In addition to convenience, roof racks also have aerodynamic benefits that result in better MPG ratings for your Subaru Outback. Because the racks sit above your vehicle’s rooftop and feature aerodynamic designs with limited wind resistance, they act as an extension of your Outback’s exterior bodywork for more efficient airflow across the car’s length when driving at high speeds.

Improved safety

Adding a roof rack to your Subaru Outback can increase the safety of your vehicle and its occupants. With a roof rack, you can secure cargo on the roof with straps or bungee cords, so they stay secure while traveling at high speeds. This prevents items from flying off the roof and possibly damaging other vehicles or hitting pedestrians.

Since most roof racks have additional straps attached to the sides, you can secure large items that wouldn’t fit in the back seat like kayaks, bikes and surfboards without worrying about them slipping off on turns or bumps. It is important to make sure that any cargo secured to a roof rack is properly tied down to prevent it from shifting during transport.

Enhanced functionality

Using a roof rack on a Subaru Outback gives you enhanced functionality when it comes to hauling items. By installing a roof rack, you can carry more cargo on the car’s roof than ever before. This allows you to take larger items, like canoes and kayaks, with you on trips without having to sacrifice interior cargo space in the car or to purchase an expensive trailer.

Not only is it easier to access your belongings from the roof rack, but it reduces the overall weight of your Outback due to the increased storage capacity. With a secure and sturdy roof rack, gear stays firmly in place even in adverse weather conditions.

 Choosing the Right Roof Rack for a Subaru Outback

Choosing the right roof rack for a Subaru Outback can be difficult with so many different options available. Knowing the weight capacity, size, and compatibility of the roof rack are all key factors in selecting the correct option. By following these steps and understanding your exact needs, you can easily choose the best roof rack for your specific car model, ensuring an easy setup process and comfortable ride down the road.

Weight Capacity – The biggest factor to consider before choosing a roof rack is its weight capacity. Subaru Outbacks typically weigh around 3,600 pounds, so finding a roof rack that can support that amount of weight is crucial. Most aftermarket racks will indicate their maximum range of weight which should be at least 3,600 lbs to accommodate a standard Outback frame.

Size – Once you have found a suitable weight-rated roof rack for your vehicle it’s important to ensure you have one that will fit correctly.. Roof racks exist in various sizes to fit different vehicle types and shapes – varying between small sedans up to larger SUV’s like outback models. Taking measurements of both your cross bar section as well as overall size before making a purchase will help prevent any unexpected surprises when setting it up on top of your car.

Compatibility – Different accessories such as cargo boxes and kayak holders are sometimes compatible with certain rooftop carriers while others lack specific features needed for proper attachment. Before purchasing any accessories or additional parts make sure they are compatible with your specific model of car and particular brand of rooftop carrier search online first if necessary before investing in any unnecessary items.

By taking the time to understand each factor involved when selecting the right roof rack for an Outback you can ensure comfortable travels down any road ahead!

Compatibility with the car

Before purchasing a roof rack for your Subaru Outback, it’s important to make sure that the rack is compatible with the car. Manufacturers may offer different models that are specially designed to fit specific types of vehicles. Additionally, you should consider how many feet of roof space you have available and the weight capacity of your roof rack.

Most installation instructions provide specifications on the weight and roof space requirements, but it’s best to double check before making a purchase. That way, you can be sure that everything fits correctly and your car is safe on the road.

You may also want to consider getting some type of additional padding or edge guards for extra protection when loading and unloading items onto the roof rack.

Weight capacity

Knowing the weight capacity of a roof rack is essential before fitting it to your car. Every vehicle will have its own specified maximum dynamic and static load – or carrying capacity – for luggage and cargo, so it’s important to find out what yours is. The total weight should not exceed this amount, as it will cause strain on the vehicle.

On the Subaru Outback, that total weight is 220 pounds for the dynamic load and 220 pounds for the static load. This means that you can carry up to 440 pounds on its roof rack in total.

It should be noted that this maximum figure does not take into account any other items (like an optional bike/ski rack) that you may attach as this can affect overall vehicle stability and performance. As such, we recommend consulting with a specialist before attempting any rooftop activity on your car.


The roof rack for the Subaru Outback is a great solution for those who need additional storage space for recreational items or equipment and don’t have room in their vehicle’s interior. By adding a roof rack, it allows you to free up the cabin area and carry more items, such as bicycles or kayaks. Also, the roof rack provides a secure and easy way to transport your goods safely and efficiently.

In addition, a roof rack can be easily installed on the roof of any Subaru Outback model, without needing any additional modifications or extra work.

Overall, installing a roof rack on your Subaru Outback is an economical way to increase your vehicle’s cargo-carrying capacity without sacrificing style. Whether you’re travelling long distances with bulky or heavy items or just need an extra bit of space while running errands around town, having a reliable and secure way to transport all your belongings is essential. With all these advantages that come with owning a rooftop carrier for your Outback, it remains one of the most popular accessories that car owners can purchase for their vehicles today.


What are the benefits of having a roof rack? 

A roof rack allows for extra storage and carrying capacity on a vehicle, making it convenient for travel or outdoor activities.

Is it a good idea to have a roof rack? 

It depends on an individual’s needs, but if extra storage or carrying capacity is necessary, a roof rack can be a good idea.

How strong are Subaru roof racks? 

Subaru roof racks are designed to hold up to a certain weight capacity depending on the model and manufacturer specifications.

What type of roof rack does a Subaru Outback have? 

Subaru Outbacks typically come with a factory-installed roof rack that has raised bars and is compatible with Subaru’s proprietary crossbars.

What are the disadvantages of having a roof rack? 

Some of the disadvantages of having a roof rack include decreased fuel efficiency, additional wind noise, and potential damage to the roof or gear being carried.

Do roof racks affect performance? 

Roof racks can potentially affect the performance of a vehicle by increasing wind resistance and decreasing fuel efficiency.

Does roof rack increase value? 

A roof rack may increase the value of a vehicle for some buyers who prioritize extra storage and carrying capacity.

Why should a roof rack be removed when not in use? 

Removing a roof rack when not in use can help to increase fuel efficiency and reduce wind noise, as well as prevent damage to the roof or rack.

What to look for when buying a roof rack? 

When buying a roof rack, it is important to consider the weight capacity, compatibility with your vehicle, ease of installation, and durability.

Does roof rack affect sunroof? 

A roof rack can potentially obstruct or interfere with a sunroof, so it is important to check compatibility before installing a roof rack on a vehicle with a sunroof.

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