The Benefits of a Roof Rack for a Subaru Crosstrek -:Complete Guide

Are you looking to increase the storage space in your Subaru Crosstrek? A roof rack is the perfect way to do just that! Not only will you unlock more carrying capacity, but you’ll also be able to explore more destinations with a reliable and secure platform.

Read on and discover the numerous benefits of a roof rack for your Subaru Crosstrek.

This guide is designed to provide an overview of the benefits a roof rack can provide to a Subaru Crosstrek. A roof rack assists in providing a secure platform for items that may not fit in the vehicle itself, while also helping to maximize available storage space. Roof racks are designed with built-in mounts or brackets that fit directly onto your vehicle’s roof, enabling you to carry additional items securely and safely on top of your Subaru Crosstrek. The purpose of this guide is to explain how roof racks can benefit Subaru Crosstrek owners by providing a more spacious interior, more secure cargo transport, and improved fuel efficiency.

The following sections will discuss:

  1. Advantages of Installing a Roof Rack on a Subaru Crosstrek

III. Mounting Options for Different Types of Roof Racks

  1. Considerations When Buying a Roof Rack
  2. Conclusion

Brief overview of the topic

A roof rack is an accessory that provides functionality, increases storage capacity and complements a Subaru Crosstrek. With an added roof rack, you can take your Crosstrek to new levels on the camping trail, for transporting large items and for enabling ski or snowboard adventures.

A well-designed roof rack adds versatility and space efficiency at a relatively low cost. Roof racks are generally affordable, lightweight and easy to install with simple and common hand tools. Furthermore, it’s important to select the best type of rack for your intended purpose as there can be very specific requirements based on weight capacity, vehicle type and activity application.

Ultimately, having a roof rack installed on your Subaru Crosstrek can increase enjoyment while travelling and make transportation of cargo much easier! This guide will provide an overview of the types of roof racks available and how to choose the right one for you.

Importance of having a roof rack for a Subaru Crosstrek

Within the Subaru Crosstrek family, you have an incredibly diverse and spacious car that can take you wherever you need to go. A roof rack and its accompanying cargo box setup can allow even more storage space and the ability to transport additional cargo and luggage while on vacation or running errands. Roof racks provide numerous benefits, most notably in convenience, reliability, affordability and accessibility.

Convenience – Having a roof rack installed on your Subaru Crosstrek allows quick and easy access to larger items such as skis, sports equipment or beach gear without having to find a way to fit it into the car or worry about taking up extra space in the cabin. This makes trips easier for an active family that has numerous activities planned or for drivers who need access to larger items frequently.

Reliability – Best quality roof racks for Subaru Crosstreks are sturdy, reliable and secure enough to prevent shifting or movement when driving around corners, over bumpy surfaces or during weather changes like wind gusts during highway driving.

Affordability – Comparatively inexpensive paired with a one time installation process makes having a roof rack system easily accessible even with a budget restriction as they are quite cost efficient with amortization of your purchase price over repeated usage in multiple situations over time.

Accessibility – Their design typically comply with most of safety standards while carrying any type of load which allows access to almost any kind of vehicle-mounted accessory such as camping chairs, bikes and more – all while still complying with local standard transportation laws regarding security standards around vehicle-mounted cargo external storage requirements.

Benefits of having a roof rack for a Subaru Crosstrek

There are numerous benefits to having a roof rack for a Subaru Crosstrek. It is an excellent way to improve your vehicle’s cargo carrying capabilities, depending on the items you need to store and transport. Here are some of the advantages of adding a roof rack:

  • Increased safety: A roof rack can provide added stability for objects that need to be stored and transported on your vehicle’s roof. This ensures that objects don’t move around or come loose while in transit and reduces the chances of any accident or damage due to shifting items.
  • More efficient storage: The space on your vehicle’s rooftop can be maximized with a roof rack, allowing you to store large items without them taking up space inside your car. Additionally, installing a box-type container or basket-type platform onto the rack can further optimize cargo room, keeping everything efficiently organized for easy access as well as reducing air drag. This also keeps all your items off the floor and away from backseat passengers in order to ensure their comfortability during transport.
  • Easy installation: Installing a Subaru Crosstrek roof rack is straightforward and requires minimal tools and time due to its optimized design and fittings which make it compatible with almost all other accessories like baskets and boxes with ease-of-installation attachments at its core feature level.
  • Simplified hitch access: Roof racks allow easier access to hitches when transporting kayaks or bikes – simply attach them directly onto the rooftop itself rather than wind through straps out of the back window; increasing hitch efficiency as cargo does not need to be exchanged in case of large item transportation needs change during trips for various activities such as skiing, camping or biking adventures.

Increased storage space

A roof rack for a Subaru Crosstrek is an excellent way to increase your storage space. With a roof rack, you can open up extra room inside the vehicle and hold larger items outside the vehicle in an organized fashion. Roof racks also allow for more convenience as items can be easily removed and/or stored without having to open the back of your car or SUV.

The additional storage space created by your rooftop carrier system gives you access to extra cargo capacity that would not be possible with a conventional toolbox, trunk, or trunk tray. In addition to providing extra cargo capacity, mounting a roof rack on your Subaru Crosstrek will also enhance its aerodynamic performance and overall efficiency by reducing drag and improving airflow around the car.

Ability to carry bulky items

A roof rack’s ability to carry bulky items is one of the main reasons that many Subaru Crosstrek owners opt for them. The increased storage capacity offered by a roof rack allows you to haul large, awkward items that may not fit in your trunk or back seat. They are also great for off-roading trips, as they can secure items on the roof of your Crosstrek during more difficult terrain.

Roof racks are designed to fit onto the bars located on top of the vehicle, making it simple and quick to install and remove if needed. Be sure to choose a rack specific to your make and model of vehicle; racks designed for other types of vehicles may not be secure or perform adequately on your Crosstrek due to differences in construction design.

Enhanced versatility for outdoor activities

Having a roof rack attached to your Subaru Crosstrek can enhance your versatility and allow you to carry gear on your vehicle that might not fit inside. It can be used for many activities such as biking, skiing, snowboarding, camping, and any other outdoor activity that requires transportation of additional items. Roof racks are also great if you need extra space on trips or if you are just looking to transport large items where the trunk of the car won’t suffice.

The basic necessities for installing a roof rack on your car is having raingutter style mounts with pre-installed crossbars. With these components in place your roof rack is good to go. You do have the option of adding more accessories though such as specialized roof boxes and racks for kayaks and longboards or cargo baskets for carrying additional luggage or camping items. You also have to consider the type of material you would like the rooftop attachment too be made from; aluminum or steel are good options since they are both lightweight yet durable materials that won’t add too much overhead weight onto your vehicle’s frame but will still hold up under pressure and endure against inclement weather conditions.

Installing a roof rack onto a Subaru Crosstrek comes with many benefits including increased space and enhanced versatility so that you can enjoy more outdoor activities without having to pack light. Roof racks also improve the overall aesthetic of an everyday car, making it look more like an adventure machine without sacrificing style; they look great when combined with other Crosstrek add-ons like mudflaps or side steps as well!

Factors to consider when choosing a roof rack for a Subaru Crosstrek

Prior to installing a roof rack on your Subaru Crosstrek, there are a few important factors that you should consider:

  1. Weight Capacity: The weight capacity of your CrossTrek’s roof rack will determine how much weight it can safely support when driving. Therefore, it is essential to look for a roof rack that offers the necessary strength and durability for your vehicle.
  2. Design & Functionality: Roof racks come in different designs and combinations, suitable for various purposes like carrying luggage, skis, bikes etc. Depending on your individual needs and preferences you should decide between components like removable trays or hard cases for added protection, speciality clamps for bikes etc.
  3. Cost: When shopping around for a roof rack and its components it is also important to consider the cost of each item. A higher quality product may be more expensive than another but with proper maintenance and care they may last longer thus delivering better value in the long term.
  4. Installation: Installing the right roof rack is important to ensure the safety of your vehicle while driving as well as passengers and cargo on the roof during transport or storage periods in between trips. Therefore make sure to read through the instructions carefully prior to assembly thoroughly understanding each step suggested by manufacturers before attempting installation yourself or consulting experts at nearby dealerships if needed.

Vehicle compatibility

Before you purchase a roof rack for your Subaru Crosstrek, you should make sure it’s compatible with your vehicle. You should find out the capacity rating of the vehciles frame, given in weight and the length of its wheelbase.

Roof racks come in different sizes and styles, so you will want to be sure to select one that is specific for your model of vehicle for it to be safe and secure on the roof. The best way to ensure compatibility is by consulting an online roof rack guide like Thule’s Fit Guide or Yakima’s FitMyCar. The guide will provide you with detailed specs on all their racks designed specifically for Subaru Crosstreks.

Additionally, each manufacturer may list compatible vehicles on their individual websites as well as list measurements in inches or centimeters of a compatible crossbars system. With this information in hand, you can compare it against what specifications the rack requires for your vehicle, such as its length and width, along with its maximum carrying capacity.

Additionally, some manufacturers offer crossbeam adaptors to fit multiple size vehicles if needed which can save time and money when considering which option is best suited for your particular needs.

Load capacity

When it comes to outfitting your Subaru Crosstrek with a roof rack, understanding the load capacity is essential. All Subaru Crosstrek models come equipped with 4-6 tie down points on the roof. The exact number of points can vary based on your model and any additional accessories you may have. The number of tie down points designates the amount of weight your vehicle can safely carry on its roof.

For instance, if you have a basic 2019-2020 Subaru Crosstrek with 4 tie down points, then you should never put more than 220lbs (100kg) worth of weight on your roof rack. If you upgrade to a model that has 6 tie down points, then that load capacity increases to 330lbs (150kg). It is important to note that you should never exceed the tie down point number even if you don’t plan on using all of them; this could cause damage to your vehicle or cause injury.

When it comes to choosing an accessory for your Subaru Crosstrek Roof Rack, make sure you understand its individual load capacity rating and how much additional weight it adds onto our vehicle’s total rating. Also check for any other restrictions or limitations for usage – some rooftop accessories may not be compatible with certain Subaru models or are subject to size limits due Federal Regulations.


A roof rack on a Subaru Crosstrek has the potential to affect the aerodynamics of the car, especially at higher speeds and when carrying heavier items. Roof racks can actually improve drag coefficient, making the vehicle easier to handle and more fuel efficient.

Most roof racks will also generate less noise than an open bed rack and, depending on the size and weight of items being transported, could be less likely to cause wind drag. Other benefits include better base stability due to improved cross bracing as well as increased airflow in and around standing items like kayaks or cargo boxes.


In conclusion, using a roof rack is a great way to get the most out of your Subaru Crosstrek. It can be used to add extra storage space to the vehicle and help you haul more items without having to worry about crowding inside the car. Additionally, roof racks make it possible for you to explore more terrains off-road since it helps with weight distribution for smoother rides.

A roof rack also adds a more stylish touch to your vehicle, making it look rugged and edgy at the same time. With lots of options ranging from brands, design, and materials, you’re sure to find something that will fit your Crosstrek best!


What are the benefits of having a roof rack?

Provides extra storage space for bulky items, Allows for transportation of items that won’t fit inside the vehicle, Frees up interior space for passengers and other belongings, Enables transport of specialized equipment such as bikes, skis, kayaks, and snowboards, Can improve the overall aesthetic of the vehicle

Is it a good idea to have a roof rack?

Yes, a roof rack is a useful accessory for anyone who needs to transport large or bulky items. However, it’s important to ensure that the roof rack is installed properly and that the weight capacity is not exceeded.

Can you put a roof rack on a Subaru Crosstrek?

Yes, a roof rack can be installed on a Subaru Crosstrek. In fact, Subaru offers factory-installed roof racks and roof rails as an option for the Crosstrek.

How strong are Subaru roof racks?

Subaru roof racks are designed to support a maximum weight capacity of 150 pounds. However, the weight capacity may vary depending on the specific model and installation method.

What are the disadvantages of having a roof rack?

Increases wind resistance, which can decrease fuel efficiency

Can make the vehicle less stable and more prone to tipping if not loaded correctly, Can be noisy when driving at high speeds, May require additional maintenance and cleaning

Do roof racks affect performance?

Yes, roof racks can affect performance by increasing wind resistance and decreasing fuel efficiency. However, the impact on performance may be minimal depending on the weight of the load and the design of the roof rack.

Does roof rack increase value?

The addition of a roof rack may increase the value of a vehicle if it is a desirable feature for potential buyers. However, the increase in value will depend on a variety of factors such as the make and model of the vehicle, the type of roof rack, and the overall condition of the vehicle.

Why should a roof rack be removed when not in use?

Removing a roof rack when not in use can help to improve fuel efficiency, reduce wind noise, and prevent damage to the roof rack and vehicle. Additionally, removing the roof rack can make it easier to access the vehicle’s roof for cleaning and maintenance.

What to look for when buying a roof rack?

Compatibility with the vehicle make and model, Maximum weight capacity, Ease of installation and removal, Type of attachment system (e.g. clamp, track, or fixed point), Aerodynamic design to minimize wind resistance and noise, Durability and resistance to corrosion, Optional features such as locks or tie-down points

What are Subaru roof rails for?

Subaru roof rails are designed to provide a sturdy base for attaching a roof rack or other accessories. They are mounted to the roof of the vehicle and provide a secure mounting point for items such as skis, bikes, and cargo boxes. Roof rails can also enhance the overall appearance of the vehicle.

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